Act on diversity in Tech and work with us!

PyLadies Amsterdam is always looking for collaborations with profit and non-profit companies

Be our partner

  • Host meetups 2-4 times a year

  • Run hackathons to exchange knowledge

  • Organize bootcamps to get your tech challenges solved

Host a meetup

  • Space for 40 and/or 20 participants

  • 18:00 - 21:00 on Tue/ Wen/ Thu

  • Beamer, chairs and tables

  • A tech talk about your company

become a Sponsor

  • Work together towards free programming classes

  • Free event tickets

  • Donate

What is in it for you?


Direct access to mainly female data scientists, data engineers, web developers, software engineers and professors

Brand awareness

Branding and promotion that supports knowledge sharing, diversity and inclusion in the workplace

OR... Help in your own way!