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Meet people behind the scenes of PyLadies Amsterdam

Bhoomika Agarwal

Hi there! I love coding, teaching, poetry, origami and reading books. I'm currently a PhD candidate at the Open Universiteit in the Netherlands in the Educational Sciences Faculty. Python has helped me guide my life by the principles set down in The Zen of Python by Tim Peters. I think it is a lovely poem that sets down design guidelines for code that can be extended to life. At the same time, it has been my medium of work and has helped me grow a strong community network. As a co-organizer of PyLadies Amsterdam, Python has also helped me follow my passion for organizing events, meeting new people and learning continuously. Most importantly, PyLadies Amsterdam has helped me share my love for coding with Python.

Alyona Galyeva

Hi there! I am passionate about encouraging others to see different perspectives and constructively break the rules. My motto "Observe - Optimize - Learn - Repeat" follows me everywhere. Currently I work as a Principal Machine Learning Engineer at Thoughtworks. Since 2021 I am Microsoft AI MVP. Python helped me to found my joy in building, optimizing and deploying end-to-end AI and Data Engineering Solutions.

Nancy Irisarri MĂ©ndez

Hi there! I am a team player, polymath, and goal crusher with experience in software engineering and data analysis. University graduate in economics and astronomy, with research experience and publications in the latter. My strong suit is data science and data engineering, as well as visualizations and DevOps practices. My favorite technologies: Python, Java, Angular, Serverless architecture, Google Cloud Platform